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You can upload art via the mobile app or our website. On the app, simply select Add New Art. From this menu, you will be able to either take a picture of the art or choose an existing image from your camera of the art you wish to upload. Once you’re done filling out the details, the art will be available for public viewing in the community.

Any and all art projects created by children! ARTB412 provides several categories to help sort your child’s or student’s artwork. We accept the traditional painting and drawing, but also accept photography, images of mixed media pieces, and sculptures done by children as well.

Children benefit exponentially from seeing their artwork displayed in a community that respects their artistic talent and integrity. ARTB412 will teach them that their art matters and is worthy of its own stage. In turn, this will build the sort of confidence and self-esteem in a child that can translate to their school and social life. In addition to that, a portion of every sale on ARTB412 will result in art supplies for children all across the world - and that includes right here at home too!

No. A parent or legal guardian is the only person allowed to upload art on behalf of a child. Teachers are allowed to upload a child’s art, but they must first request permission from parents/guardians.

Every time a print of your child’s art is sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to art-based charities that support ARTB412's vision of creative freedom for children. This portion goes directly to the charities to further their work in local and international areas, ensuring that kids worldwide are afforded the same creative benefits as your child. Your child will feel accomplished knowing that he or she is helping other kids around the world create and experience through art.

Proceeds from art sales will be allocated to charities quarterly (January, April, July, October).

Proceeds from art sales are sent out in the form of quality, high-end art supplies. These bundles will be shipped directly through our affiliated charities to their local and international art-based projects, giving kids, no matter their location, the opportunity to do more.

Head to your account and select My Art List. From this menu, you will be able to edit and delete pieces that you have uploaded.

Parents may post projects done at school so long as the child’s teacher is not uploading that particular artwork as part of his/her roster. Duplicates will be deleted.

Absolutely. ARTB412 does not share information with any third-party vendors. On top of that, all communication on ARTB412 is done between adults on behalf of the artists. No one will be able to contact your child/student directly.

All prints purchased will be shipped from one central location in Toronto, Canada. As prints have set sizes and weight, shipping prices are dependent on the buyer’s location. Visit Shipping & Delivery for more info.


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