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About ARTB412

Every day, millions of children all over the world create beautiful, unique artwork. Oftentimes, these creations end up on a refrigerator or put away in storage, and forgotten. There has never been a public forum dedicated to sharing and selling artwork created by children until now.

Enter ARTB412, an online community born from the passion of an eight-year-old girl with an artistic soul and a big heart. With the notion that art is meant to be shared and bring joy to others, she wanted to find an effective way for children like herself to exhibit their artwork to a wider audience, inspire each other to create art, and provide opportunities to kids who are less fortunate. As a result, ARTB412 was developed to exclusively host works by young artists.

On ARTB412, users have the option of showcasing, sharing, and selling prints created by children to other members of the community and their social network. Let everyone know that your child is an artist and have other users access the unique art created by your child. When art is purchased, a portion of each sale goes to support Artbound in their arts-based initiatives.


The ARTB412 app offers an easy-to-use interface and a truly authentic community experience while you’re on-the-go. With the app, you can:

UPLOAD. Take a picture of the art you wish to showcase on ARTB412 and upload it easily to our online community.
SHARE. ARTB412 is seamlessly integrated with your social networks, allowing you to share art quickly on social media. The app provides the highest visibility of your child’s art to like-minded people.
SELL. Allow users to purchase custom prints of the art designed by your child.


We are proud to have Artbound as our first partner. Artbound is an art-based charitable organization that harnesses the power of the arts to empower the world’s less privileged to realize their full potential by building like-minded communities centered on the arts. Visit their website at

We encourage our members to contact us with information of any other organizations that support ARTB412’s vision.


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